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We realize some of you have stumbled on this site for various reasons but we would just like to indulge you for a few more minutes pertaining to this site.

As of this writing our group is pursuing numerous issues (mostly government) pertaining to Columbia Township, Jackson County, State of Michigan

and the Federal Government and the effects those issues have on our fellow citizens. All are at different levels of investigation.

Our group numbers over a hundred; directly and indirectly. We would love to have you with us.

Among these are mostly anonymous but consists of business owners, past, present and want to be politicians, accountants, lawyers, bureaucrats, laborers, Ministers, Priests, researchers, assessors, political staffers, everyday citizens, and countless confidential sources who lend us their expertise on a variety of issues.

This is a work in progress… so be patient. We would love to think this site will live long..

Ultimately, it is the people's site and thus should be populated by them. Put this in your "favorites" and check back periodically.

There may be weeks before there is anything new or maybe a ton at once…but remember something is always being pursued.

Ultimately, we want this membership to grow to a point where people can voice their concerns and issues that are affecting them personally.

We want, anonymously, to have our members with all their unique qualifications and skills, to help guide, strategize

and solve those issues that are plaguing our fellow citizens.

This is a great time to lend your talents to justice!!! Thank you


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